26th Annual Collinsville Halloween Parade
Saturday October 26, 2019
Gather at 6:00 p.m. ~ Parade at 7:00 p.m. 
Main Street Collinsville CT

Saturday, October 26th beginning at 6:00 p.m., the main streets in Collinsville will close to traffic and open to all who are brave and daring enough to join in the 25th annual Collinsville Halloween Parade.  The idea of a Halloween Parade along the streets of Collinsville was the brainchild of Jon Squier and a few fellow C-villens in 1994.

At 6:00 p.m., as the dusk takes over the village of Collinsville, all ghosts, ghouls and goblins and anyone else who venture in meet at the foot of the balcony at the Canton Historical Museum. Boosolini greets the crowd, the candy flows and the Halloween magic takes over.  Each year, the pre-parade antics of Boosolini on the balcony along with various forms of ghoulish and ghastly entertainment are featured such as an annual screaming procession.  This year too you will witness a cannon shooting off flying ghosts and treats.

At 7:00p.m. the parade ritual begins on Main Street. Haunting pipe organ sounds can be heard and all those who are Halloween-donned and those who choose to remain un-donned follow the fog and music down Main Street.  As you walk the parade path, you will find amongst the many horrifying visuals, the “Collinsville Judges” searching for the scariest, most original and funniest costumes of the night.  After the parade of fright and fun; ghosts, goblins and goons congregate again at the balcony for the judging of the costumes, led by C-ville’s Boosolini.

So, dear fellow Halloween friend or fiend, if you find yourself in the vicinity of Collinsville on Saturday night October 26th and can muster up the courage to partake of the madness and mischievousness that is the Collinsville Halloween Parade…dare to stop and gather at the balcony ~ Boosolini will be watching for you…

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  1. Once again just at the end of the comically forecasted 2018 noreaster which was just rain turning into sprinkles that ended before the Collinsville Halloween event. Collinsville was as it always has been a fantastic showing of witches and goblins, specters and trolls, phantoms and heros, vampires and haunted pumkins searching, smaller and adult versions of macabre delight and horror minded by adult watchers and various forms of corporeal overlords and participants. The towns haunting music was drawing those that dared to be judged to be. And so it was once more.

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